The Albireo Game

Albireo-chalked.pngThe 2014 football clash between Notre Dame and Michigan is dubbed "The Albireo Game"–well, at least among a few sciency folks.  

On the preceding Friday night, Sept. 9, telescopes set up in downtown South Bend, IN, will be targeting the visual binary star Albireo (actually, a triple) in the constellation Cygnus the Swan.

Amateur astronomers will ask passers-by to observe the star, judge its prominent colors, and then cast a vote.  "Is the star pair Blue & Gold, or Maize & Blue?"

We invite you to join us at the intersection of Washington and Michigan Streets to support your team colors.  Proceeds from the campaign will benefit AstroCamp (in Michigan) and Art 2 Science camp (in Notre Dame, IN).  

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