2016 AstroCamp Underway

The 2016 iteration of AstroCamp is underway and the fireworks are blazing during the Fourth of July week. Opening night consisted of impressive fireworks launched from the beach at Camp Eberhart, followed by clear skies peppered with individual fireworks around the lake. Staff members took advantage of the conditions to target deep space objects from a supernova to a quasar; to take and process digital images of Mars and Saturn; and to record the quality of the night sky with light meters.


The kids officially started on the Monday afternoon.  Experienced AstroCampers are taking on new challenges, in which they learn a new telescope skill or investigate astronomy news, and then share that with the rest of the group.  Examples include planning a telescope observing session, operating a telescope's digital control system, explaining the Juno mission arriving at Jupiter on July 4, and conveying the recent discovery of gravitational waves with an interactive demo. 

Meanwhile, AstroCampers in their inaugural year have made planispheres to find constellations and are practicing in the Starlab portable planetarium. 

As an aside, we had six visitors peering in from outside the window at Dave's House--six snakes, that is.

snakes_1263 (1).jpg

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