It's camp, not school.

Our goal at AstroCamp is to get the kids to look up, to learn constellations and stars, and to find objects hidden within by using telescopes that they control.  The majesty of the firmament awaits--but don't forget s'mores!


AstroCamp is a week-long astronomy feature integrated into the regular YMCA Camp Eberhart camping experience.  By day, AstroCampers attend two of the regular four time slots of their choosing with other campers, and two time slots (Periods 3 & 4) dedicated to astronomy and telescope use.  By night, when the rest of the YMCA campers retire to their cabins, the AstroCampers come out to Dave's House to begin a night of deep sky adventure. 

Some kids take on the optional challenge of earning astronomy awards at camp, including Star ID, Telescopes, Solar System, Lunar, Constellations, and Astrophysics.  Complete 'em all and earn Proficiency.

Astronomy has been offered at YMCA Camp Eberhart for decades, but AstroCamp takes it to a new level.  Check out the Astrocamp Images taken by staff since 2003, and see if you want to join the fun under the stars.

Share your story.

Got a story to tell, either from AstroCamp or from stargazing afterward?  Please share your story with an email to us so we can post it as a guest blog.  Thanks.  


Lakeside at YMCA Camp Eberhart